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HR Access is a premier provider of talent management solutions. We are not your traditional HR consultants with just job listings and resume databases searches. We offer a wide range of services from Executive and Professional Searches to Consulting & Advisory services, Strategic Resourcing and Temporary Staffing solutions. With our aggressive search strategy we offer a faster turnaround of results all the while ensuring the quality and authenticity of the candidates. Our unique value proposition enables us to combine the synergy of several man-years of professional experience and expertise across domains thereby clearly differentiating ourselves from the hoi polloi.

Built on corporate values such as responsiveness, client empathy, focus and service quality, our network of offices in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai is perfectly placed to take care of all your human resourcing concerns.

Why Us

Recruiting requires a particular set of competencies that a lot of organizations don't maintain in-house. While they may have a lot of good HR folks, they may not have recruiters on staff. HR Access can get them that expertise in a centralized fashion.

Core competencies



We have had the previlige of interacting with Alok - the HR consultant with a difference. HE has the unique ability to map a person's capabilities and aspirations to a position rather than shooting in the dark...."
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