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Service Offerings

HR Access provides a complete range of solutions: from individual services delivered on a consulting basis to aggressive headhunting. HR Access frees you to focus on your customers by allowing you to outsource any or all of your human resources needs.

Executive and Professional Search

Our comprehensive analysis of the clients critical business needs allows us to place just the right talent quickly.

  • Target profiles with clear understanding of the profile needed
  • Identify, screen, and evaluate prospective candidates
  • Present a panel of outstanding candidates.
  • Maintain ongoing and clear communication at both ends
  • Facilitate effective negotiation within TAT
  • Maintain feedback rhythm for seamless integration for seamless integration
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Consulting & Advisory services

A successfully completed search is a task well started but there is a lot more to do for effective human resource management.
In order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, companies must aggressively manage their talent to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

HR Access Consulting provides a full bouquet of consulting services to help clients manage human assets far beyond just the acquisition of talent through executive search.

Our in-depth knowledge of the clients’ industries helps us in creating and implementing structures/processes to support the management of an organization’s most important asset: its people.

We offer clients a fact-based approach to the acquisition, assessment and development of action plans based on rigorous analytics and a proven methodology.

Our consulting services are oriented towards :

  • Talent management
  • Executive manpower planning
  • Out placement advisory
  • Resource deployment strategies
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Strategic Resourcing

It is an accepted fact that what separate high-performance organizations from the rest are their people. At the same time, in many instances the cost of manpower is probably the largest single cost.

Today, organizations are facing these emerging trends:

  • Greater demand for skilled, educated workers
  • Virtual, collaborative work environment with a round-the-clock work cycle
  • Increased reliance on technology in the workplace
  • A sustained need for resource efficiency

We realize this and work hard with companies to find and keep the best people, provide them with complete support—all with a sharp focus on the process cycle time.


  • Reduced cycle time per transaction
  • Increased ability of HR to focus on strategic tasks (e.g. organizational mapping and change management).
  • Reduced time due to shorter learning curves.
  • Improved workforce performance
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Temporary Staffing Solutions

A temporary staffing plan may be required to complement the core workforce, to round out a project team, to meet the rapidly changing staffing needs of the corporation, or to address manpower requirements for unexpected growth in business.


  • Expected shortage in available qualified workforce
  • The intense competition for qualified personnel is likely to increase significantly
  • While internal pressure to decrease or control costs will grow, but market compensation will rise due to competitive market pressures thereby greatly increasing employee per head costs.
  • Greater external opportunities will exert immense pressure on the traditional organizational structures, as employee turnover would substantially increase.

HR Access will :

  • Provide “Just in time” staffing resources with the right skills at the right time
  • Facilitate the organization’s ability to cut unnecessary workforce flab quickly and painlessly
  • Help in substantial reduction in per employee operating costs
  • Coordinate resource redeployment – internally and externally

Through our proven methods, scope of services and track record, we are able to provide unmatched solutions to our clients. These solutions impact real long-term business results by attracting and retaining the best talent for your organization.

HR Access has the means and the knowledge to create and manage customized, end-to-end recruitment and hiring solutions. We stay focused on building and sustaining your workforce, so you can stay focused on doing business.

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