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Our tryst with excellence began at the dawn of the new millennium and since then HR Access has made giant strides in the areas of human capital solutions carving a niche for itself through a sustained demonstration of clients value creation.

Why Us

Recruiting requires a particular set of competencies that a lot of organizations don't maintain in-house. While they may have a lot of good HR folks, but they may not really have recruiters on staff. HR Access can get them that expertise in a centralized fashion cost effectively.

Finding the right HR vendor is a process that must not be taken lightly. The major factors that organizations must look for today include: financial stability, demonstrated experience in serving customers and solid customer references. HR Access has all this and more. We have been successfully recruiting for major players in the industry for many years providing a strong return-on-investment.



  • We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction
  • We are completely focused on the clients’ agenda
  • We provides support to ensure success using a dynamic service model
  • We understand the clients’ challenges and opportunities and aligns its service offerings appropriately

Authentic candidates

The authenticity of candidates is crucial today with fraudulent curricula vitae quite rampant in the job market. At HR Access, it is imperative for us to ensure that our candidates are genuine as any organization would expect their partners to conduct their business to the highest standards of integrity. As a policy, we undertake adequate background checks, address compliance-related matters and reference checks on all candidates during our recruitment process. We also use proactive fraud-mitigation techniques, such as fraud and misconduct management, data mining and analysis to ensure the authenticity of our candidates.

Competitive pricing

HR Access offers strategically priced services that are 40% cheaper than the global market value. This comes at no compromise to the quality of service that we provide. With our focused approach and commitment to delivery, HR Access assures you of the best possible service anywhere. We are Passionate to Perform and Committed to Deliver!
We invite you to find out more about our service offerings to see how we can make a difference to your organization.

Service Offering
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